Ahead of the 2017 General Election, the British Youth Council are working hard to ensure young people's voices are heard in the lead-up to the General Election, more young people are registered to vote and politicians are aware of the largest concerns for young people.

In the lead up to the 2015 General Election, we made it clear what young people wanted to see from politicians in the next five years. The British Youth Council developed, debated and voted to select the five issues described within its manifesto. This time we've also included a new demand based on our consultation with young people after the EU Referendum.

The topics we're bringing to the table show that there is still a lot to do before young people in the UK are treated fairly and equally in society. It can be tough being a young person in the UK when - you aren't paid equally; you don't always get the healthcare you need, and you have fewer places to go when your local youth club has been closed. Our new manifesto will highlight our vision and calls to action from the Government between 2017-2022.

“Politicians across the country must engage young people in a meaningful way ahead of the announced snap election. They have 7 weeks to convince young people that they can deliver on the issues that matter to them. Those who seek to represent us must talk to us and not about us."

Anna Barker

Chair, British Youth Council
"We really want young people to register to vote, research the issues, and then turn out on June 8th! The next Government will not only have control of domestic issues, they'll also have the task of negotiating how we leave the European Union."

Jake Pitt

Vice Chair - Campaigns and Communications, British Youth Council


We want OUR Parliament to: Ensure young people are given the opportunity to actively participate and be meaningfully engaged in the Brexit negotiations.

We want OUR Parliament to: Reduce the voting age for parliamentary and other public elections, across the UK, to 16 years.

We want OUR Parliament to:  Recognise that our minds matter, and improve the access to and quality of our mental health services.

We want OUR Parliament to: Ensure that everyone is paid the Living Wage.

We want OUR Parliament to: Take the lead in restoring levels of funding for youth services that has been cut in recent years.

We want OUR Parliament to: Take the lead in restoring levels of funding for youth services that has been cut in recent years.


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