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The British Youth Council has a network of young media spokespeople from across the UK who are keen to engage with journalists. Each is able to talk in detail about the British Youth Council, our campaigns and their own experiences across a range of issues that concern young people.

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    Our media spokespeople are ready to talk about the issues they care about with conviction.
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    We're proud of our diversity. Not only are these young people from across the country, they also widely represent the changing face of modern Britain.
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Latest press releases

Read more +20 January 2017 By Rhammel Afflick in Press

UK Youth Parliament campaign to empower 1.5 million young voters.

UK Youth Parliament has commenced their campaign to ensure all 1.5 million 16 and 17-year-olds can vote in elections. The aim of the year-long campaign is to build on the increasing support for a lower voting age of 16 in all elections and referenda. Today’s National Day of Action will see Members of Youth Parliament
Read more +10 January 2017 By Rhammel Afflick in News, Press

Government mental health reforms for young people welcome

The British Youth Council welcomes the Government’s proposal to focus mental health reforms on young people but we recognise more is needed to ensure parity of esteem for children and young people’s mental and physical health. On Monday 9th January 2017, Prime Minister, Theresa May announced measures to transform mental health support in our schools,
Read more +02 December 2016 By Rhammel Afflick in Press

“Racist taunting dismissed as banter in UK schools” says Youth Select Committee Copy

The British Youth Council’s Youth Select Committee will launch its report on ‘racism and religious discrimination’ on Wednesday 16th November 2016. The report, launched as part of UK Parliament Week, concludes that people’s attitudes towards racism and religious discrimination have become normalised and there is ambiguity surrounding what constitutes such behaviour. It stresses that the