At your college, uni or local council.

Pass a model motion in support of the campaign.

Increasing the awareness of this campaign is paramount to its success and one of the most crucial allies within your college or university will be your students’ union. Whether you are looking to do something quick or run a full blown campaign, your students’ union will be able to help you with a number of things including room bookings and gaining support from the student body.

Raise awareness of the Votes at 16 campaign by inviting some inspiring speakers on to campus or holding open meetings. Find out if your Vice-Chancellor or Principal supports the campaign as they could play a key role in influencing local decision makers.

Resources & downloads

How to pass a motion to support Votes at 16

How to run a panel debate

How to hold a successful meeting

How to work with students unions

How to lobby your Principal or Head Teacher

At your school

Resources for teachers and pupils.

We’re stronger when we stand together. The majority of people at your school will be affected by this campaign, therefore it is important to get them involved in any way possible. You can also utilise this to build a campaign team that can help with anything from distributing flyers to running local campaign activities.

Lobbying your Principal or Head Teacher to support the campaign is also a great way to unite teachers and pupils. They will be crucial in spreading the word through assemblies and allowing room bookings and time away from class. Also, they are often very influential in the community and can help you raise the profile of Votes at 16 to others.

In your community

How to get community groups in your area involved.

Community groups act on a local level and play an important role in making communities better places to live for local residents. They are groups in which people, who live together, come together to act and they present a great opportunity to gain new supporters and get people talking.

Involving community groups in your Votes at 16 campaign also presents you with the opportunity to maximise your resources and demonstrate to decision-makers that Votes at 16 matters to people across your community.