Share your campaign

Use your networks to help the campaign grow.

There is already a wealth of fantastic work taking place across the country to campaign for Votes at 16. But remember, to make a bigger impact – others need to know about it. Share your experiences with us and we will use your stories and pictures to demonstrate the momentum that the campaign is having.
Sharing your campaign will help to inspire action from others and it will illustrate how widely the issue is felt. This will put you in a good position when lobbying decision makers and recruiting supporters.

Run your own campaign

Get inspired: get campaigning!

Campaigning on issues you feel passionate about is a great experience, where you not only learn essential transferrable skills, but you have the opportunity to make a huge difference.

Get creative, but remember – in order to ensure your campaign is effective in helping achieve Votes at 16, it has to be well planned. See if you can find some other local supporters in your area to form a campaign team with you and help create a work plan. Also, your campaign is much more likely to be successful if you have fun whilst you’re doing it!

Lobby decision makers

Skills and tips for meeting your MP

Decision makers are the people that hold the power to change policy and influence others, such as members of Parliament or local council. Lobbying is the practice of influencing decisions made by government. It includes all attempts to influence your member of parliament and you can do this by meeting your MP as one of their constituents.

The job of an MP or local councillor is to represent all of their constituents, regardless of their age. It is important that you let them know why you believe Votes at 16 is important and how it will benefit 16 and 17 year olds in your community

Resources & downloads

How to lobby the European Parliament

How to lobby the Northern Ireland Assembly

How to lobby the House of Commons

How to lobby the Scottish Parliament

How to lobby the National Assembly for Wales