The British Youth Council's Conventions are key one-day events that support the skills and knowledge development of young people in representational roles within their local community.

The British Youth Council's Conventions are key one day events that support the skills and knowledge development of young people in representational roles within their local community - including (but not limited to) Members of Youth Parliament, Deputy Members of Youth Parliament (D/MYPs), Young Mayors, Youth Councillors/Cabinet and Forum members and Children in Care Council members.

They will also enable young people to influence government policy development through consultations, exploring new topics and where possible questioning decision makers. There is also time within these events for those elected Members of the UK Youth Parliament to take part in activities unique to this programme.

Content and Delivery:

The content of each Convention is developed with young leaders who guide this area of work, whilst taking into account the funders' requirements and key operational elements that have to be undertaken. The British Youth Council staff and our partners are skilled facilitators, based locally across England in order to ensure that each Convention meets local needs.

Our partners in the 'Regional Youth Work Unit at Learning South West, Youth Work Unit - Yorkshire and Humber and the North West Regional Youth Work Unit, deliver this activity.

LA delegate allocation:

Each Local Authority will have an allocation of young people based on the number living within the authority - this typically comprises of all MYPs, (one DMYP per MYP), Young Mayors and a set allocation of representatives from the local youth council/forum/cabinet/parliament.  It is a LA decision which young people attend these events, although the British Youth Council would recommend that the same young people attend all three Conventions. Please contact your Youth Democracy Coordinator (YDC) to discuss your allocation.

Consent Forms:

These events are open to youth representatives; it is essential therefore that all D/MYPs have returned their Registration Form 3 days before the event and that other delegates have completed and returned a BYC Consent Form (one form will cover each young person for the year). If any young person arrives without a consent form, they will be expected to complete this form with the LA worker immediately and a British Youth Council member of staff will need to gain verbal permission from the young person's parent or guardian - if any of this process is unable to take place, the young person will not be permitted to attend the event.


Last year over 800 young people attended our conventions programme and score the event for the following outcomes

Having attended a British Youth Council convention...

  • I am more likely to do something               85.49%
  • I have the skills to make a difference                   80.7%
  • I will pass on what I have learnt to others            88.6%

Refreshments and lunch will be provided at all Conventions.