Claudia Quinn

Chair of the Youth Select Committee

Claudia is the chair of the Youth Select Committee. She is a year 12 student studying History, Politics, Maths and Chemistry who has received a Grade 8 with distinction in piano and is now pursuing a diploma. Through her involvement in the European Youth Parliament, the European conference on the ‘Voice of Young People’ and her role as President on the Committee on the future of Europe at the Euroscada event, she has demonstrated her passion for politics and youth involvement.

Mun Wu

Vice Chair of the Youth Select Committee

Mun is Vice Chair of the Youth Select Committee and is currently the Merseyside Representative within the North West Youthforia Steering Group. She is currently studying History, Politics and Biology at A-Level and hoping to study law at university. Mun is also a member on the Liverpool City Council Select Committee on Education and Children’s Services, helping to provide young people’s insight into issues discussed on a local level. Within her role as a member of Youth Parliament she has campaigned nationally on votes at 16 and is currently working towards a work experience hub website with her city council.

Caitln O'Regan

Caitlin is 17, lives in Bristol but has lived most of her life in Belgium. She speaks English and French fluently. An International Baccalaureate student, she studies English, French, and Global Politics at Higher Level with Chemistry, Russian, and Maths at Standard level. Caitlin is a member of the Bristol city youth council and the UK Youth Parliament. She has been nominated for a Bristol young heroes award for her work to improve the local environment in Bristol. She applied to be on the Youth Select Committee because work experience is the focus of her youth council campaign.

Daria Eckert

Youth Councillor

Daria is 17 and currently studying A-Levels in History, Politics, Maths and Chemistry at Beauchamp College in Leicestershire. She has been active in youth engagement since she was first elected as a member of the UK Youth Parliament. She went on to serve for 4 years, using the skills she had learnt in her county and borough councils. Alongside her activities in the British Youth Council, she works as a German teaching assistant, dances once a week, and chairs the Bishop’s Youth Council for the Diocese of Leicester.

Dominic Jones

Member of Youth Parliament for Barnsley

Dominic is the Member of Youth Parliament for Barnsley in the Yorkshire and Humber region. He is currently studying A-level Politics, Sociology and History. He is also a regular contributor to his local newspaper, writing on issues that affect young people. Dominic has undertaken some positive and constructive work placements and hopes that this experience will benefit the committee’s investigation into work experience. He sees the committee as an opportunity to ensure accessible, quality and beneficial work experience for all, regardless of their background. Dominic hopes that the government and relevant organisations will listen and take significant action on the recommendations made by the committee in the final report.

George Pearce

George Pearce is 17 and lives in Poole. He is the oldest of six children. He is studying Uniform Public Services at college and has an interest in close protection within the army or the police. His hobbies include jujitsu, army cadets, archery and arrow making. He has been the prefect and head boy of his college. He attended the National Citizen Service last year and will be a leader on the program this year. He will also be taking his black belt grading, and will hopefully be going to the United Nation Championships in September.

Jack Payne

Youth Councillor

Jack is from Bristol and is 17 years old. He currently serves on the Bristol City Youth Council and has served in the past as their Youth Mayor, working alongside the Mayor of Bristol to improve youth engagement in the city. Work experience is a big priority for Jack and he has worked on a local, regional and national level to make work experience valuable and accessible for all young people. Jack has also worked as a Young Adviser to the Department of Health as a part of his NHS Youth Forum term.

Jason Stewart

Member of Scottish Youth Parliament for Angus South

After reading Bernie Sanders “Our Revolution” Jason was inspired to make change within the lives of his peers and his community. He received the opportunity to do when he was elected to the Scottish Youth Parliament to represent Angus South. In this role he has worked closely with the SYP’s Jobs and Economy team to support young people access work. Having been nominated to the British Youth Council’s Youth Select Committee to assess work experience across the country, Jason is determined to fulfil his role to the best of his abilities and is looking forward to his time on the committee.

Max Parry

Max is 16, from Ceredigion in West Wales, and speaks fluent Welsh. He is currently studying for his A-Levels in History, Geography, English Literature, and for the Welsh Baccalaureate. Max is a member of his school’s council and an ambassador to the Children’s Commissioner of Wales. He has interviewed several key Welsh politicians for a BBC school report. Work experience is of particular interest to him as he has recently been through the process of applying. He will be doing work experience with a local MP in July. At university Max is hoping to study History and Politics and he would eventually like to have a career in politics.

Sanah Kashyap

Youth Councillor

Three years ago, Sanah’s school was looking for a young person to attend Trafford Youth Cabinet’s ‘Lets Talk Youth’ conference and she applied to get a day off school. She attended the conference, thoroughly enjoyed it, and soon after joined her local youth council. Since then she has promoted youth voice and youth engagement on a local, regional and national level through various opportunities and roles. She believes that young people need to have a say in the issues that affect them, and that greater youth engagement will aid the progression of society as a whole.

Zara Janahi

Zara is 15, from Belfast and currently studying for her GCSE’s. She hopes to go on to study A-Levels next year. Zara is actively involved in her local youth centre and is chairperson of the Senior Members Committee. As part of this committee Zara is spearheading the campaign #speakupspeakout. Zara is the Ulster champion in boxing and 3rd in the world at street dance. She has worked as a model, dancer, actor and promotor. She hopes that through her involvement on the Youth Select Committee she will develop new skills and a deeper understanding of youth issues.