Callum Penny

Callum Penny, 21, from Norwich, is an extremely motivated personality that has a passion to help young people into careers and further education. He is currently an apprentice for Aviva and has experience with meeting senior members within the young people’s careers sector. Following a meeting with Chloe Smith MP to discuss the areas of employment in Norwich, he went on to meet the Secretary of State for Education, Damian Hinds MP, to discuss his experiences as an apprentice. Callum is very excited to join the Work Experience Action Group as he believes that work experience has mass potential to help young people across the country decide which career path they want to take.

Diana Scutelnicu

Diana Scutelnicu, 25, studied Media and Communications at Coventry University. She is currently working at The Careers & Enterprise Company where she helps inspire and prepare young people for the world of work. During her time at Coventry University, she also completed multiple work experience opportunities that gave her an insight into working life within the media industry. As part of her second year ‘Work Experience’ module she was able to volunteer as a Production Assistant for an annual conference and worked on the East Asian Film Festival, both held at Coventry University.

Dominic Jones

Dominic Jones, 17, from Barnsley, Yorkshire, is in his final year of A-Levels studying Politics, History and Sociology. Dominic has been involved in youth voice since 2015, holding various roles including Youth Councillor, Member of Youth Parliament and member of his regional Steering Group. Last year, Dominic also served as a member on the Youth Select Committee that investigated barriers to work experience. Given his experience in a range of work placements - both positive and constructive, he is pleased to be a member of the Work Experience Action Group to allow the voice of young people to further shape policy and decision making on this issue.

Max Parry

Max Parry, 17, from Ceredigion in West Wales, is currently studying for his A-Levels in History, Geography, English Literature, and for the Welsh Baccalaureate. Max, who is fluent in Welsh, is also the chair of his school’s council and an ambassador to the Children’s Commissioner of Wales. Work experience is of particular interest to him as he represented Wales on 2018’s inquiry into work experience by the Youth Select Committee, and undertook work experience himself with his MP. At university Max is hoping to study Politics and International Relations.

Nicole Holder

Nicole Holder, 16, from South London is currently in her final year at school and aims to follow on her studies at Music College as well as starting up her own business. She is concerned that there is a lack of work opportunities given to young people and believes that there is a stigma around young people getting any experience. Nicole’s aim is to bridge the gap between employees and employers as she sees the difficulty as a young person, to find work experience. She wants to contribute to effective changes going forward in the Work Experience Action Group.

Tolu Ayilara

Tolu Ayilara, 21, from Milton Keynes, is a History finalist at the University of Warwick. She is a passionate, committed and diligent opportunist and has taken heed in career orientated experiences, most recently being her ongoing parliamentary ambassadorial work with the British Youth Council. Her forward focussed approach aims to accomplish a solution based advocacy which provides a platform for confidence and growth in vocational fields. Tolu grasps opportunities to learn how she can occupy certain spaces and be a force to be reckoned with while devoting her endeavours to nurturing her personal and professional brand.