NHS Youth Forum Members

Each year we recruit 25 young people to take part in the NHS Youth Forum. They have all have experience of using their voice to shape and improve healthcare in their communities.


East Midlands

Hi everyone, my name is Aisha. I'm 22 and currently a medical student at the University of Leicester. I have been involved in a young adults' patient and public involvement (PPI) group over the last four years. Through this, I realised my interest in improving access to health care and ensuring underrepresented groups in society have a voice in health service provision and also health research. I am delighted to be part of the youth forum and look forward to seeing the impact the work we will be producing in the near future will have.


South West

Hi, my name is Aishah and I am 22. I’m a Pharmacology undergraduate at the University Of Bristol. I’ve always had an interest around Youth Voice in the NHS and it wasn’t till I started my own journey through the NHS that I realised just how important it was. I’m a Young Governor at University Hospitals Bristol and Weston NHS Foundation Trust and a member of my local Youth Involvement group. I was also a lay member for the NICE Guideline on babies, children and young people’s experience of healthcare and I'm a patient public voice partner for the Children and Young People's Transformation board at NHS England.


South East

My name is Anna and I'm going into my final year studying Politics and Economics at Oxford University. As someone with multiple chronic illnesses, I am passionate about ensuring all young people have a voice in their treatment and ensuring those who are members of hidden minorities feel empowered to speak up. My volunteering work alongside Southern Health Foundation Trust and my local Police and Crime Commissioner have highlighted how critically underrepresented the youth voice is throughout our public services and I am excited and grateful to have the opportunity to represent my communities at the national level.


North East

Hi. My name is Caitlin, I am a 21 year old final year Marketing and Management student at Durham University. I was recently appointed Northern Irish Lay Representative with the Royal College of Emergency Medicine and was driven by personal circumstances that made me realise how important it is that patients’ opinions should be part of the decision making process. I joined the NHS Youth Forum as I believe young people should be listened to within the Health Service. To achieve an inclusive, satisfactory outcome young people need to be consulted and assist in the shaping of the health system if we are to nurture a sustainable relationship between patient and doctor.


South West

Hi, my name is Chelsea; I am 23 and am in my final year of BA Human Behavioural Studies. I joined the NHS Youth Forum to help advocate for young people who have Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities. Providing inclusive education environments allowing students to achieve is something I am passionate about. Being able to advocate and amplify these voices is an honour and a privilege.


East Midlands

Reflecting on my own experiences, I have a keen interest in the intersection between youth violence and healthcare and I currently sit on the Youth Endowment Fund Youth Advisory Board where I aim to explore this intersection more fully. In the previous cycle of the youth forum, I was the deputy project lead of the health inequalities project, which investigated the teaching of health inequalities in English medical schools and made subsequent recommendations to the GMC, who have since used our suggestions to improve the medical school syllabus.



Hi, I'm Elia and I'm a student studying Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge. One of the reasons I joined the NHS Youth Forum is that as a Black LGBT+ person, I’m acutely aware of how my identity affects how I’m treated in healthcare – especially in mental health care – and I know that my experiences aren’t uncommon. Through my time on the forum, and beyond, I hope to help increase awareness around how various forms of discrimination and stigma, including from our own communities, can affect access to healthcare and our mental health.



My name is Fatima. I’m 19, I’m originally from South London but I’m currently studying at the University of Sheffield. I’ve been a member of St John Ambulance for over six years and was the proud Chair of the London & South Regional Youth Forum, for two years. I’m personally a chronic Illness patient within the NHS and a young carer, so I’m incredibly passionate about advocating for young carers and some of the situations they face. I joined the NHS Youth Forum to help be a voice for young people and help encourage other BAME young people to take on some of these opportunities, a familiar face.


South East

Hello! I’m Jamie, I’m 17 and I am a sixth form college student at Oxford International College. I grew up in Hong Kong and I have always been enthusiastic when it comes to voicing concerns related to youths. As a teen who has been diagnosed with a mental health problem, I hope that by sharing my experiences, I would be able to make an influence in the decision making process in the NHS so that healthcare services would be more accessible to teens.


Yorkshire and Humber

Hi, my name is Joe. I'm 20 and live in Leeds. I study photography at college and work in the music industry! I joined the NHS Youth Forum based on my previous experience with the NHS and passion to drive improvement. I've been involved in various youth schemes to influence the NHS since I was 14, and hope to continue this work at a higher level with the NHS Youth Forum. I'm particularly passionate about mental health services and early recognition of mental health problems.


North West

Hi! My name's Josh, I'm 22, and I work for the ADHD Foundation Neurodiversity Charity, based in Liverpool. My job is in communications and to coordinate the nationwide Umbrella Project, the aim of which is to raise awareness, increase public understanding and reduce stigma around neurodiversity. As part of the forum, I hope to influence UK health policy and increase the emphasis on mental health, given that this is the most common reason why young people access the NHS.



Hello! I’m Kristie, 15, from London. I joined the NHS Youth Forum because I wanted to be part of a powerful platform that aims to give youth a voice within the NHS. I am particularly passionate about BAME access within healthcare, as a black woman myself I have experienced first hand these inequalities, therefore I think it is important that youth acts like a catalyst for change within the UK. I also joined so I can learn more about different people’s experiences within the UK, and stand in solidarity with them.


South East

Hi! My name is Luke, I am a London Medical Student and an aspiring clinician-scientist. I am representing the South East in the NHS Youth Forum. As a member of the medical community, as well as someone who has had extensive experience of NHS Youth Services, I feel as if I can offer a unique insight into the NHS. I hope to use this within the Forum to contribute to a more inclusive and diverse medical landscape. I will also continue to advocate for those individuals facing healthcare inequalities throughout the UK, in particular those of the LGBTQIA+ community and individuals with disabilities.


South West

Hi! My name is Maddi and I am 17. I joined the NHS Youth Forum to help young people feel empowered about their health and healthcare. I’m really passionate about making sure young people have positive experiences when accessing care, as well as there being greater recognition of invisible illnesses and tackling health misconceptions in our communities. I’m hoping to use this opportunity to give a voice to young people in my area, to ensure we make positive and relevant change.


North West

Hey! I am Mallika and I'm 17 years old. Coming from multiple minority groups, I never saw representation of myself, but I hope to change that for other people from my communities. I believe seeing representation of people like yourself in influential positions is crucial to remind yourself that you are heard and valid. I hope to be a part of a team that can make visible change to inequalities within the NHS, especially towards marginalised communities. I am also currently in the process of applying to medical school - can't wait to see where all this takes me!



Hello my name is Michelle and I was interested to join the NHS Youth forum because I was eager to improve young people's knowledge on healthcare and resources available in the NHS. I want to make the NHS better through recovery help, time management and appreciation of staff. I was also interested in social health services and mental health as I have experienced counselling and other services and have many ideas how to improve them and reach out more. I also wanted no health discrimination. But mainly I joined to learn about the NHS and work with like-minded people, don't be discouraged if you aren't as knowledgeable as others because I've already learnt so much!


North West

Hi! I’m Muhammed. I joined the NHS Youth Forum to help improve patient care having had an appendectomy and asthma. I’m keen to use my experiences to improve care pathways and help create a better patient journey. Speaking up for other young people who don’t have a voice is both exciting and daunting. I believe in making a contribution to create positive change. I am a keen advocate of eco-therapy by using nature to improve health and wellbeing and how social prescriptions can sometimes be a more appropriate alternative to medical interventions.


South West

Hi, I’m Nina and I am a 23 year old, chronically-ill and queer researcher from Germany. I’ve just finished my MSc in Health Psychology and my goal is to help improve healthcare access for marginalised groups, especially those within the LGBTQ+ community. I’m mostly interested in understanding how stigma affects the healthcare that we receive, and how we can work towards bettering the experiences of patients. I believe that every person deserves good and reliable access to healthcare and that joining the NHS Youth Forum can help to make a positive impact.


North West

My name is Pelumi Fatayo, I am 21 years old and I am currently doing my masters at university. I am very passionate about making sure there’s equality in healthcare and was on the health inequalities team last time I was on the youth forum. We as a team focused on the education of medical students, by having a round table with different stakeholders from the NHS and presenting them with some data we found from our surveys. This time around I hope to carry on the work of advocacy equality in health care, children and youth from minority ethnic backgrounds at the highest level in the NHS.


South East

My name is Ray and I am 22 years old. I joined the NHS Youth Forum because as a young transgender person, I have first-hand experience of the lack of understanding around transgender healthcare, as well as the obstacles that deter us from accessing any form of healthcare. I sincerely believe that the best way to improve healthcare for young people is to challenge existing policies and work together to create positive social change in the NHS, so that young people are able to access the care and support they need.


East Midlands

Hi, I’m Sophie. I am a 15 year old aspiring doctor and will be doing my GCSEs this summer. My interest in the NHS Youth Forum was triggered by my experiences with chronic health conditions and the long delay before finally receiving a definitive diagnosis for seizures that I began having when I was 12. I would love to support other young people through health struggles by advocating for their voices and autonomy. The Forum is an invaluable tool to ensure that the NHS is hearing young people’s perspectives and I am thrilled to be a part of positive change.


West Midlands

Hi, my name is Victor, I’m 16 and from Birmingham. Being a representative of young people in my city I realized that the more I was representing young people and worked in different projects to bring change (for example I am leading a group to distribute £50k to young people in my city and help them with physical and/or psychological needs) the more I wanted to be involved in bringing change and improvements, and the NHS Youth Forum is an incredible opportunity to increase my reach and be able to influence change not only for the people in my city but every young person in the country.