The aims of the Bank of England Youth Forum are:

  • To ensure a dialogue between young people across the UK and the Bank of England

  • To ensure that the Bank of England leads the way in prioritising and valuing young people’s voices and their right to have a say on the decisions that affect them

  • To provide a mechanism for young people to inform and influence programmes, policy and communications at the Bank of England

  • To facilitate action and change on financial and economic issues that impact young people


The Bank of England Youth Forum members have undertaken a number of ambitious and impactful projects over the last year including:

  • Joining their local Citizens’ Panels 

  • Creating a survey and report presented to the Chief Economist on the financial impact of Covid-19 

  • Reviewing existing financial education resources

  • Creating a communications toolkit for the bank to consider how they reach young people

  • Creating a survey and report with the Labour Market team on the ‘gig’ economy and zero hour contracts


The work of the forum during their first year was presented to the Governor at the Bank of England, the Director of Communications and other colleagues at the Bank on the 1st July 2020.