Our training programmes empower young people with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to bring about change on a local, national and international level.

Drawing on our years of experience, we offer a range of training programmes to empower young people with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to bring about change on a local, national and international level.


In 2021 The British Youth Council was awarded some funding from Social Enterprise to launch a social enterprise. The social enterprise contributes to the British Youth Council's vision of empowering young people to make social and political change. It is supported through three streams of services; Training, Consultancy and Workshops. Through these services, any profits made will go towards ensuring that young people's voices are heard on issues that matter most to them.

Each year we listen to our Young People through various events, consultations, and our annual members' meeting, supporting them to create the change they would like to see in this world.

The British Youth Council has been empowering young people through training for many years and in 2021 listened to young people and our members to develop its training into a unique training experience to further embed learning and give young people opportunity to flourish through their learning.

The training is split into five main learning programmes that will empower any youth group, school or youth council, charity or youth board to learn the fundamental skills, knowledge and values to create social and political change locally and nationally. All our training is accredited through ASDAN the Award Scheme Development and Accreditation Network.

Our courses

A-Z of teamwork is the first stage in the British Youth Council training scheme. The training is an engaging, active, fun day that supports groups to explore their purpose, values and group mission. It will support all groups develop as a team, whilst learning the skills of how to structure meetings and recruit and retain new members.

The Wider Picture award is the second stage in the British Youth Council training. It is aimed at groups that would like to explore how to network within the wider community. It will allow them to define the skills within your team, and where members can apply these skills effectively. It will also support groups to gather data to support forward planning and measure targets on goals / objectives within the group.

Putting Your Point Across is the third stage in the British Youth Council training scheme. It will support groups that want to develop their public speaking skills and learn the key stages of running successful campaigns. It's also for those that want to learn how to successfully market campaigns and work with the media, whilst recognising how to influence decision-makers.

Next Steps training is the fourth stage in the British Youth Council Training scheme. This is aimed at groups who are looking to expand their knowledge and skills on measuring the impact of their campaign or project. It will explore group reflection and ways in which to capture information to inform your next action steps, as well as how to showcase the impact and outcomes of your work.

The Bespoke Award is where young people are able to personally pick the modules that they want to train in, and create their own accredited learning package. It will support young people to create a unique training day for them, whilst the award allows individuals to celebrate the hard work that they will implement, once they have completed the training.

There is a total of 12 learning units to choose from, which support group and individual development.

A full training day will comprise of four one hour learning units and half a day will comprise of two one hour learning units.

How are courses accredited?

The British Youth Council is a customised training centre under ASDAN and has developed five unique awards that run alongside all training days. These have been developed to support young people to further embed their learning from the training, and in order to receive the ASDAN accredited certificate, they will need to complete a total of 10 hours of learning. Parts of these hours are acquired through our training days with additional hours for the award being completed on activities young people will implement post training. If half a day of training is undertaken, young people will complete a total of 2 hours of learning towards your ASDAN award that will require a further 8 hours of additional post training. If full-day training is undertaken, young people will complete a total of 4 hours of learning and a further 6 hours post training programme.

How are the courses conducted?

Our training is delivered at your organisation and can be tailored to your needs. Our training is aimed at young people, predominately aged 13 – 25 with a maximum of 20 participants.


As well as the costs for the training itself, host organisations are expected to arrange venue space/over the costs of venue hire. This should include materials such as a flip chart stand with paper, IT facilities, lunch and refreshments. Where applicable, it may also be necessary to cover travel or accommodation costs for the trainer.


"The training gave our group the opportunity to go beyond flip chart.”

Young Person

Youth Council, 2020
“Amazing, we planned and created a fantastic campaign, learning everything we needed to move forward with confidence.”

Young Person

Youth Council, 2021
“Learning about what matters in the world and knowing what to do and how to tackle it to make the world a better place.”

Young Person

Charity Advisory Group. 2020
"Practical workshop - hands-on workshops were great and students got a lot out of the training session." "Engaging - trainer was very knowledgable and kept the students engaged throughout the programme."

Programme Manager

School, 2021
"The training supported the young people to gather evidence about community needs and interests on our behalf, so we will use the feedback to develop our organisation"

Participation Worker

County Council, 2021


To enquire or to book one of our training courses please email where a British Youth Council Staff member will be happy to help.