A contract between the Cabinet Office and the British Youth Council to enable young people to influence public decision making.

Provides opportunities for 11-18 year-olds to use their voice in creative ways to bring about social change.

NHS England officially launched a brand new Youth Forum in 2014. Comprising 20 Young People recruited from all over the country and linked in to a Facebook network of many more young people, the forum aims to provide a voice for young people.

The Bank of England Youth Forum is a platform for young people to discuss and influence the economic and financial matters of the UK.

The Future Voices Group aims to put young people aged 16-25 year olds with lived experiences of barriers to gaining meaningful employment, at the heart of Youth Futures Foundation's work.

Careers & Enterprise Company Youth Advisory Group enables young people to shape and influence youth voice in the company.

The Young Leaders Collective is a group of young people working to develop the skills that will enable them to become leaders of social action.

Partnership project supporting young people to hold inquiries into issues that young people care about to influence policies.

A group of MPs and Peers in Parliament who share an interest in the issues that affect young people.

The group to brings together key voices from across Parliament to listen to evidence on the case for votes at 16.

A body that gives directly-elected young mayors the chance to support each other and come together.

The Youth Voice Groups were formed to get young people involved in government decision making. There are three main purposes to Youth Voice Groups project: advocacy, youth engagement, and accessibility.

The Work Experience Action Group is a group of young people aged 16-25 working to improve access to quality work experience and careers advice across England

Lifeskills is a free employability programme which helps young people aged 11-24 build the skills they need to move forward in the 21st century workplace.