As our world gets more and more connected, decisions that affect young people in the UK are increasingly made at European and international levels; for example about education, employment and the economy. Young people also care about global issues such as poverty, climate change and security and want to get involved and take positive action.

Supporting young people's meaningful participation in decision-making. We support the development of local and national councils/parliaments/forums. We also provide access to international forums, including in Europe, the Commonwealth, the UN and the G8/G20.

Supporting young people in the UK and overseas to develop collaborative action, campaigns and intercultural dialogue projects.

Supporting young people to gain a deeper understanding of global issues and global interdependence, particularly through interaction with their peers around the world.

We offer a range of services to Governments, NGO's, communities and young people around the world that support voice, action and learning. Drawing on our broad international experience, our international pool of trainers and young leaders, and our diverse networks, we work with you to develop programmers tailored to your needs, your country and your context.

The International Team at the British Youth Council supports young people in the UK, and youth from around the world, to take their voice to decision makers on the world stage and bring global issues back to their local community.

Young people are deeply concerned about global issues and support them to be heard, take action and share knowledge.