Young Voters: “We’re voting – are you?”

The British Youth Council today calls on all 18-24 year olds to make their mark in polling booths across the country, as they seek to mobilise more young voters than previous elections, following an increase in the numbers who have registered after a major voter registration and engagement campaign by youth organisations and the Electoral Commission. The British Youth Council’s YouGov poll last week estimated 80% had registered and 60% were planning to vote.

Mita Desai, Chair, British Youth Council said: “We’re voting are you? We’ve been campaigning to persuade young people that their vote power matters for years – working through grassroots networks and members organisations, alongside some other great organisations like Bite the Ballot and the National Union of Students. We believe a higher than expected youth vote will challenge the myth that young people don’t care – don’t vote.”

GE Countdown 002

Young voters have until 10pm to vote and if you’re still undecided whether to vote watch our film now for more information.

Mita went on to say: “Whilst many believe (including us)  that our electoral system is not fit for purpose – we can only change it by using it, to raise our profile and the issues we want to address. So please vote power matters – use your vote, whoever it’s for.”

In what many analysts are calling one of the most unpredictable General Elections in a generation, it’s been even more important young people are at polling stations today. From tomorrow the British Youth Council will be reminding the new Government to keep their promises to young people – epecially those relating the five priority issues set out in our General Election Manifesto; “16: a new for democracy”, “Our minds matter, “Living wage for everyone”, “Save our youth services” and “Teach first aid in schools”.