UK Youth Ambassadors launch Youth Champion Award for supportive politicians

The British Youth Council’s ‘Young Ambassadors‘ have launched an award celebrating the work of politicians in engaging, supporting, and advocating for young people across the UK.

The ‘Youth Champion’ Award will provide recognition by young people of initiatives implemented by elected representatives across the UK in order to support and engage young people. Celebrating the work of great advocacy, communication, and initiatives, the award will also seek to highlight best practice, encouraging politicians to engage in new and innovative ways with young people in their constituencies.

The new award will form part of the British Youth Council’s Youth on Board Awards scheme which has been celebrating innovative youth participation projects from organisations and individuals around the UK since 2012. Each award is due to be judged by a panel of young people along with sector experts.

Gary Paterson, UK Youth Ambassador for Scotland said, “We are delighted to be launching this award to recognise great work politicians do for, and with, young people, and we hope it serves as a beacon of best practice in a world where youth voices can get lost in the corridors of power.”

“As young people we want to highlight the effort and focus politicians give towards issues that matter to young people, and hope they will act as champions as we work to take the voices of young people to heart of our democratic institutions”.

“We live in a time where young people are getting more engaged in making change and raising their voice, but still far too many don’t know who their representatives are, and many feel their needs are not represented; our Award is as much of a recognition as it is a manifesto of intent for prospective youth champions in our democracy.”

Jon Foster, Chair, British Youth Council said: “I’m really glad we’re launching the Youth Champion award! It’s a great opportunity to celebrate the decision makers that are getting it right when they engage with young people. Young people never want to be part of a tick box exercise and constantly seeking authentic opportunities to engage in important meaningful decision making on a whole host of issues.”

We are currently calling for nominations from youth organisations and young people until the 16th of November. Further details and the nomination form can be found here and should be submitted to

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