Over 200,000 people sign new Member of Youth Parliament’s petition calling for a fairer and representative voting system

More than 200,000 people have signed a petition created by Owen Winter (16), MYP for Cornwall, arguing for reform to our voting system.

The change.org petition, which calls for the voting system to be fairer and much more representative, was created last week when Owen felt it was important his vote counted – this was despite the fact Owen won’t be voting in a General Election until 2020. Owen argues that in 2010, parties other than Labour and the Conservatives got 35% of the vote but only 13% of the seats. (In 2015 other parties got 33% of the vote and 13% of the seats)

“I have been amazed by the support for my petition. Across the country, thousands of people are disillusioned with our current voting system and would like to see it change. When I can vote in 2020, I would like my vote to count. I don’t want to be worried about ‘wasting my vote’ or ‘letting the other side in’. Nearly 200,000 people have so far signed the petition which is incredible.” Owen Winter, Member of Youth Parliament for Cornwall said commented on the success of his petition.

Mita Desai, Chair, British Youth Council said: “I’m delighted to hear about Owen’s success! A change in the voting system is completely overdue! The British Youth Council also wants electoral reform and better ways to engage young voters in particular. The way we currently elect our MPs needs to be changed and I’m glad so many people across the country are supporting Owen’s campaign. It’s time electoral reform was back on the agenda!”

Anyone can support Owen’s petition by adding their name to the petition which is yet to meet its 300,000 target.