International Women’s Day!

The British Youth Council are marking International Women’s Day and the 2016 campaign theme ‘Pledge For Parity’. International Women’s Day is an opportunity for us to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women but it’s also an opportunity for us to highlight the issues that are apparent and can’t be ignored.

Anna Barker, Vice Chair of Participation & Development for British Youth Council said:

“So much has been done to shatter glass ceilings at every level, and we must use this day to thank all of the incredible individuals who have fought for a better world for all genders. We must also use this day to highlight the conscious and unconscious bias that still exists across the globe. Today I am pledging to value women and men’s contributions equally and to shine a light on the most dramatic and obvious example of discrimination – despite the Equal Pay Act 45 years ago, women in the UK can expect to earn an average of 14% less than their male colleagues. Please your day to celebrate the women in your life, be conscious of everyday sexism and to fight for a better future for all.”

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