“EU Referendum – who cares?”

The British Youth Council is calling on campaigners and politicians to do more to appeal to young voters to register by 6th June. A British Youth Council Twitter poll suggests that 32% of those unregistered don’t care, and 27% that youth voters are not valued. Have campaigners left it too late to change their minds?

We have seen more media coverage in recent days talking up the importance of the youth vote but have campaigners left it too late to persuade young voters to register and turnout.

A Biritsh Youth Council Twitter poll (891) of those aged 18-25 and not yet registered, gave four reasons: ‘Don’t care – 32%; ‘Young voters not valued – 27%’ ; ‘Undecided on whether to Remain or Leave – 29%’; and ‘Dont know how – 12%’ . Its not just the focus on the ease of voter registration that matters – but on whether voters care and are cared about enough to mobilise the youth vote.

Ife Grillo, Vice Chair Campaigns & Communications, British Youth Council said “Its our voice and not just our vote that is important, and that we are heard before and after elections, not just during them

“This referendum campaign has bombarded us with contradictory facts and forecasts. However the British Youth Council has been consistently calling on politicians and campaigners all year round to do more to listen to and act on views and campaigns of young voices, introduce citizenship education in schools to explain how democracy works, and lower the voting age to 16 to empower and engaged us at a younger age.

“A vote is for the future – not just for the referendum and we’ll be back after the result to see how they propose accommodate youth interests whatever the outcome. Leave or Remain, we want better mental health services, votes at 16, measures to tackle racism and religious discrimination, a curriculum for life, affordable transport, and good youth services.”

The British Youth Council refreshes and relaunches its EU Voter Registration campaign to encourage young people to register before the deadline of 6th June.

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