British Youth Council joins Labour for Youth Manifesto Launch

British Youth Council success – Labour first party to publish youth manifesto – and leader Ed Milliband promises to continue dialogue to be accountable to young people if elected.

British Youth Council Trustee and former MYP for Oldham , Mariam Inayat, attended the press launch to ask the Labour leader if he would consider appointing a Youth Minister at cabinet level to oversee the package of new polices which included – better mental health, living wage, votes 16 , a review of yiuth services, better life curriculum and citizenship classes – all British Youth Council and UK Youth Parliament campagns. The leader also indicated a willingness to be held accountable through questions times and name checked the positive behaviour of the UK Youth Parliament in contrast to Prime Ministers Question Time.

Today (Monday 20th April 2015), we’re visting The Green Party’s youth manifesto launch in London, where the Young Greens, Natalie Bennett and Amelia Womack will be announcing key policies on youth services.

The British Youth Council has in invited all parties to Produce manifestos for youth and will be published their replies to our top five asks next week along with links to their full manifesto.

Read our General Election Manifesto