British Youth Council: “Vote for Youth on the 23rd!”

The British Youth Council today called for all 18-25 years to turnout and vote for youth, especially the undecided, to vote on behalf of those under eighteen who want to vote but cannot.

Jon Foster, Chair, British Youth Council said  “All our voices need to be heard, and all year round, not just in and out at elections. So turnup turnout – Vote for Youth on Thursday 23rd.”

The British Youth Council has been campaigning since 1992 for equal votes for 16 and 17 years with the rest of the population age groups, and more recently for this referendum, where we wanted equality with the Scottish independence vote. Jon went on to say “We want to highlight the fact that 16 and 17 year-olds could and should have been allowed to vote.  We also believe that high youth turnout will add weight to the youth mandate and make all youth voices more likely to be heard in the future. Turnout equals #votepower and if we vote today they will listen tomorrow

“We are meant to be a United Kingdom with equal rights – except the right to vote! Even after the result, in or out, we demand age equality in all elections and parity across the four nations of the United Kingdom.”

Commenting on engaging young people in the politics, Ife Grillo, Vice Chair Campaigns & Communications, British Youth Council said “The future belongs to young people, and this referendum is about shaping the future of our country. Whatever side you are on, if there is a high turnout amongst younger voters, then you will  strengthen your mandate to be heard in a post-referendum Europe.

“During this campaign, both sides have tried to engage young people and what’s important is that this continues after the election. Young people lose faith in politics and elections because they feel that politicians don’t really care about their opinion. Whatever the result, young people need to be at the forefront of what happens next.”

Find out more about the campaign for votes at 16.