British Youth Council to campaign for Voter Registration in EU-Referendum

The British Youth Council has announced that it will be campaigning  to encourage young people to register to vote and turn-out in large numbers for the EU Referendum on 23rd June because “It’s our future too!”. Make sure you have a say in this historic referendum and register to vote.

Jon Foster, Chair, British Youth Council said: “The European Union affects all of our lives and love it or hate it you’ve gotta get involved. It’s our future too so let’s get registered, research the issues and turn out on June 23rd!”

We’ll be launching activities, resources and opportunities next week so watch this space.

In the meantime, we recomend you visit our partner ME&EU, who have created a one-stop-shop to encourage young voters in the UK to engage in EU affairs by creating an understanding of how Europe influences their daily lives and by connecting them to other young people interested to talk and share ideas on the referendum.

Find out how to get involved