Join us today! The British Youth Council supports young people to have a voice, take action and make a difference. We are a unique, youth-led organisation with a large, diverse membership delivering the UK's leading youth voice programmes, including the UK Youth Parliament and the Youth Select Committee.

We are led by young people

The Board of the Britsish Youth Council are all under 26 years old. Our members are all youth-led or youth serving organisations and they elect the Board, develop our policy and set the agenda for our campaigns and programmes.

We support youth-led social action

Nationally and in communities across the UK young people are identifying needs, taking action and making a difference.

Young people set the agenda for action. Nationally, the Make Your Mark ballot and the House of Commons debate establish the UK Youth Parliament priority campaign, and the British Youth Council members propose and vote on the organisation's annual campaigns. Locally, youth councils, elected representatives and organisations determine the needs of their communities. The British Youth Council provides resources and regional support and coordination to young people's social action.

Check out the benefits of the Youth Voice Agreement for Local Authorities (2017/18), and the wider British Youth Council membership.



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