The British Youth Council Membership is a national network of 180+ youth-focused organisations, working together to empower young people to be involved in decision making, and develop themselves as leaders and advocates. 

Together we can increase the impact of youth voice by joining forces, combining our work, collaborating on projects and sharing powerful ideas. 

Being a Member means your organisation will:


    As part of the national youth council of the UK you will have opportunities to propose new policy positions and to shape our campaign priorities and advocacy work, nationally and internationally. You will also get access to decision makers through a range of events, meetings and consultations. You will also have voting rights within the British Youth Council to elect members of the Trustee Board and representatives to international forums.


    Highlight your youth voice priorities through blogs on our website and our social media channels. Promote your campaign actions digitally through our member only newsletter and in person at our members meetings and events. Through our members meetings you can network with other organisations to work together on common projects, campaigns or themes. Be the first to hear about opportunities and events through our members-only newsletter, sent directly to your key contacts every month.


    Priority access for your young people to participate in our events, including our Members Meetings focusing on our international and national work. Young people from our member organisations will have exclusive access to our Young Leaders Collective. The Young Leaders Collective is an inclusive programme designed and developed over the last year by 11 brilliant young people.  The Young Leaders Collective is a diverse and inclusive space, where young people are empowered to be the next generation of leaders for social and political change. Your young people will be able to develop themselves as leaders by joining our BYC Hub - where they can access specialised training modules, mentoring opportunities and make connections with other young leaders. A 35% discount is available to member organisations for a range of accredited learning awards to recognise and reward young people’s involvement in youth voice and community activities.

  1. Get priority access

Receive invitations to attend our Members meetings, youth advocacy events and be the first to hear about recruitment opportunities from our programmes and the Board of trustees (made up of young people). Members also have priority access for their young people to apply to stand on British Youth Council's youth forums and programmes. Our members will receive extra support in this process, inclusing Q&A sessions with British Youth Council programme alumni and the opportunity to chat with our team directly about any questions or queries.

  1. Shape the national youth council of the UK

Feed into the British Youth Council’s manifesto and future campaigns, these are used to advocate for the priorities of young people and highlight the issues your organisation works on to the government. 

  1. Strengthen youth voice in your organisation

Whatever stage you're on in your youth voice journey, the British Youth Council can support you with integrating youth voice into your orgnisation in a variety of different ways. Through our social enterprise, our years of experience of embedding youth voices within different sectors and youth participation programmes, we will use our expertise to support your organisation with advice and guidance in the best way for you to hear the voices of young people nationally.

  1. Stay in the loop

Receive our Member-only newsletter twice a month to keep up to date with everything related to youth voice, what other Members are up to and opportunities to partner across the sector. You can also use this to platform your campaigns and programmes. We also hold monthly Members Meetings for networking, showcasing and skills development sessions for our members, allowing you to connect, learn from and find support in our other members.

  1. Boost your campaign

Invite your staff and young people to our campaign member events, to learn about our strategy of campaigning and how you can get involved. Receive invites to events with specific campaign themes and work alongside our other members to strengthen your own campaigns. You'll also have access to our Campaign Mail, which gives you regular updates on the British Youth Council's key campaigns and how you can get your young people involved! 

  1. Complete the application form (please ensure this is submitted by a senior member of staff within the organisation).

  2. Once you’ve submitted your application, our Membership team will be in touch with next steps.

The Members range from local youth councils, clubs, youth forums, special interest groups and national organisations. 

What unites us is a shared vision of a world in which every young person is empowered to create social and political change.

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If you have any questions please email