The motivation behind the LifeSkills programme is to inspire millions of young people and equip them with the key skills to move forward into the 21st century workplace. LifeSkills brings together educators, businesses, young people and parents to achieve this, as increasingly young people need to leave education not only with appropriate academic results but with the skills that we know businesses need now and in the future as technology reshapes our working world.

Through LifeSkills, young people can access a wide range of online resources, including videos, activities, guides and interactive tools which they can use to self-learn the key skills they need for the workplace. These include:

  • CV writing
  • interview skills
  • networking
  • work experience
  • problem solving
  • communication
  • managing online reputation
  • living independently
  • managing finances

Lifeskills has also partnered with the British Youth Council to create new content around social action. Taking part in social action is a fantastic way for young people to build transferable skills that will help them stand out to employers, with recent research showing that participants of social action are 27% more likely to find a job. Importantly, social action will also help those young people develop as individuals, while giving back to their community and society. Young people can access different case studies and interactive videos, one featuring a British Youth Council member, to help them understand the benefits of social action and how taking part can enhance their CV and allow them to stand out to future employers.

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  • I got experience working within a team, got the chance to try something I might not otherwise have done, and learned a lot about how to communicate effectively. I also made connections with interesting organisations made lots of useful contacts to connect with on LinkedIn, too.
    Matthew – British Youth Council
  • I've gained so much through social action, like confidence, maturity how to influence others, the ability to coherently articulate my ideas – I’ve met some great new people, too. Most importantly I was doing something that I care about, which is making me think about the type of job I eventually want to do.
    Ciara Brodie – Deputy Chair – LifeSkills Youth Advisory Council
  • I created a social enterprise called Street Seminars – it’s a combination of a collaborative network and a platform for young people to spread their ideas for social change in their communities. The skills gained from committing to a social action initiative like this are totally transferable to the workplace – it often brings together young people from all walks of life, encouraging them to interact and build skills like communication, passion and dedication.