At home and abroad, we enable organisations to effectively involve and motivate young people in their work, from community projects through to the boardroom. Some of our past consultation work has been for the Cabinet Office, National Union of Teachers and the Learning and Skills Council.


We can offer the following through our bespoke consultancy service:

Tap into the views and opinions of young people across the UK.

  1. Consultation workshops: Based on your project aims and needs, we can arrange and run a consultation with up to 20 young people anywhere in the UK.
  2. Online consultations: We can carry out online surveys with young people around key consultation questions.
  3. Consultation events or focus groups: For a more in-depth consultation about your project's aims, objectives and future direction we can arrange a one-off focus group or a series of consultation events. BYC have experience of running targeted consultation events for the local authorities, national transport providers and broadcasters.

We can work in partnership with young people and your staff to develop young people friendly content, materials and campaigns, or to adapt your existing resources.

  1. Development of young people friendly content: Our young people's communication group can work with you to create youth friendly content for websites, brochures and other materials.
  2. Young people friendly consultation materials: We can develop or adapt youth friendly leaflets, forms, posters and other materials to raise young people's awareness of your issues.
  3. Support for your youth focused campaign: We can provide you with expert advice on how to effectively reach a youth audience through your campaigns. We can also arrange distribution of your materials and messages to young people's organisations and direct to young people themselves.
  1. Reviews of youth participation structures
  2. Facilitating links between an advisory groups, schools councils and youth councils: We can develop links between existing support structures so that meaningful information flows between these groups. We will ensure that there are opportunities for consultation and active involvement in decision-making which will support the citizenship curriculum.
  3. Development of a rolling advisory group or forum:  Would you like to develop a continuous stream of information to and from young people? We can help you set up a group to provide continuity during the roll out and development of your project, as well as create a pool of young people to engage in future activities. We have experience of developing advisory groups and can provide a range of different support levels, from developmental advice, through training in participation.


For an informal conversation about how we can help, please us at email at, using ‘Consultancy Query’ as the subject.