Are you an individual, a group of young people, or a youth organisation eager to influence the decisions made by politicians? If so, you can join The League of Young Voters and help us to help you make your mark on democracy!

The League of Young Voters is aimed at those both under and over the age of 18 (up to 25) - so whatever your age, whatever your views, by signing up today you're saying that you want to make a difference through the ballot box, and want to help us generate the numbers needed to challenge the status quo.

So join the one million young voters who already take part in these elections, or sign up as a prospective or willing voter for 18+ elections in the future, and let's change politics!

The League of Young Voters is not just an initiative to get young people to vote - it's a movement that brings together all young people who want to choose what decisions we locally in the UK and our politicians in Europe will make on issues that concern us.

Your vote can make a difference.

Get involved in the League of Young Voters.