Recognises young people's understanding and involvement in local democracy.

This award has been designed to recognise young people's understanding and involvement in local democracy. Young people can achieve this accreditation by providing evidence of their learning through shadowing a local councillor for a minimum of 10 hours.

It has been developed to offer a superb leadership experience for young people and we also hope that councillors will benefit from their interaction and learn something new during the process.

To take part in this opportunity, download the logbook and handbook from the below which will provide guidance on how to run the Award.

At the end of the Award, you will need to submit completed logbooks along with the submission and moderation form (below). the British Youth Council will invoice you for the correct amount. The Awards will be moderated and issued once the British Youth Council has received payment.

What are the benefits?

Young people are keen to make a real difference in their local communities and councillor shadowing is a great opportunity for them to share their concerns and aspirations with local leaders.

By engaging with young people in this way, councillors will be exposed to their genuine enthusiasm to learn, coupled with the positive things they are involved in locally.
The award has been designed to fit around locally designed and delivered awards whilst nationally accrediting young people's achievement. The great thing about the award is you only pay a small fee once a young person has completed the award.

How does it work?

The key component of the award is that young people must spend 10 hours shadowing their local councillors in their communities and evidence their experience in a downloadable log book. This is then submitted to the British Youth Council for moderation and in turn submitted to the examination board - ASDAN. Your organisation only pays the award fee once the log book is ready to be submitted for moderation.


  • Non-members
  • ££35
    per logbook


For more information please contact or call  020 4529 5927.