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The Annual Council Meeting celebrates what we have achieved and help to shape our work for the future through discussion, debate and voting on policy motions.

Attendance at the Annual Meeting is FREE to all British Youth Council members, and when the event takes place in person, lunch and refreshments are provided.  You are allowed a maximum number of delegates with voting rights, which is governed by the size of your organisation (please refer to our website for information about this).  In addition to this we will have extra spaces for support workers. Please contact us if you require more information on this.

We ask that you ensure that your delegates are representative of your organisation's membership, and that they consult within your organisation on the key issues and policy proposals to be discussed, in advance, to best represent you at the event.


Got questions about the event? Contact: Jamie Walls, Membership Officer

Got questions about the policy process? Contact: Elise Sutherland, Policy & Public Affairs Officer


Celebrate what we have achieved and help to shape our work for the future

Registration is now open. Please make all bookings and download key documents through Eventbrite.