A world where young people are respected and able to influence and inform decisions that affect their lives or on which they have strong opinions.

  • To be, as the national youth council of the United Kingdom, committed to ensuring that those aged 25 and under are represented and participate fully and actively as citizens.
  • To inspire people about the positive contribution that young people can make to their communities our nation and the world.
  • To empower young people with skills, knowledge and confidence to advance their rights and views to take part in decision-making.
  • To campaign with our members and those who share our values, for a better world that gives young people the recognition they deserve.

Participation: We value meaningful participation of young people, enabling and empowering them to bring about a better world for all.

Inclusion: We value the inclusion of all, by working with young people from all backgrounds, cultures and ages to ensure a rich mix.

Equality: We value all young people equally, promoting their rights equally in the UK around the world.

Youth Leadership: We value and nuture youth leadership, creating tomorrow's leaders today for a better future.

Recognition: We value recognition of young people's achievements, publicly valuing them as part of our society.