The Big Give Christmas Challenge

27th November – 4th December

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One donation. Twice the impact. 

From midday on the 27th November until midday on the 4th December, all donations to the British Youth Council will be doubled.

Many young people feel disaffected and that their voices aren't heard. They feel worried about their future and disconnected from a society that doesn't take their concerns seriously. Your donation will enable young people to engage with issues affecting them and take positive action.

Support our Christmas Challenge and your donation will be doubled by match funding. By making a donation you are investing in a future where young people are empowered to influence and inform the decisions that affect their lives. Your support is essential in creating a world where young people take an active role in society. Thank you!

How does your support impacts young people?

  • Being a part of the British Youth Council has changed my entire perspective on life and society. It’s empowered me to get involved in my community by providing all of the tools to do this. Without the British Youth Council I wouldn’t have met such amazing young people around the country or felt like I’d already contributed so much to my society aged 17.
    Susie Williams, who has been involved with the British Youth Council since June 2016
  • Without the British Youth Council I would not have the confidence to campaign, scrutinise, and represent as I can. Since joining in 2014 the British Youth Council has given me fantastic opportunities to develop my personal skills, and I have been able to meet, and learn from, some amazing young people from every corner of the country. My youth voice journey has taken me to wonderful places - including sitting three times in the House of Commons Chamber - and because of my development, I am now able to access new roles, including being a Governor at my College, becoming the South-West’s Procedures Group Representative for the UK Youth Parliament.
    Kira Lewis
  • Without the British Youth Council I really wouldn't be the person I am today. I was that person that sat at the back of the classroom and wouldn't socialise. The British Youth Council doesn't just help you and others gain a voice around issues that concern you, they help those on the programme to develop as a person and learn new skills, key skills which I will carry with me for life. The British Youth Council has made me the person I am
    Connor Hill, who has been a member of the British Youth Council since 2013


to ourselves, to each other, and our communities