The National Scrutiny Group (NSG) is a group of young people working with the Government to ensure that young people's views and needs are taken into account in when developing policies that affect them. The group have chosen to place Michael Gove's recent comments about youth policy on the agenda for their next meeting on the 25th February.  Other topics to be discussed are how cross government department meetings are ensuring that the UN Convention on the Rights of Child is being met, as well as planned changes to KS4 examinations.

The role of the NSG, made up of 15 young people aged 11-19 from across England, is to enable Government departments and ministers to make more informed decisions by giving young people's views on content, implementation of policy and most importantly having them scrutinise how the Government has consulted young people on any planned changes.

News _wesleyparkinsonWesley Parkinson, National Scrutiny Group member for Yorkshire and Humber said:

'We have asked for more explanation of Education Secretary Michael Gove comments around youth policy as a priority for local, not central, government as we are concerned about what this means for children and young people and the impact of any policies that central governments passes.'


News _jakepittJake Pitt, National Scrutiny Group member for London added: 

'Our role is to scrutinise the work of the government regarding young people and that is why we have asked them to tell us how well they feel all governments departments are meeting the obligations of the UNCRC'



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