Fifteen young people who are leaders, workers and volunteers of some of the UK's most well known youth organizations - including The Scout Association, UK Youth and vInspired - have written an open letter to Education Secretary Michael Gove MP expressing their concern at comments he made recently regarding the government's stance on youth policy.

The letter, which was signed by British Youth Council Chair Rosina St. James, beingsā€¦

"As young people who attend, work or volunteer with local youth projects across the UK, we are writing in response to the comments that you made in your evidence to the Education Select Committee, stating that "youth policy is a priority for local government and not central government". This is alarming for all of us, as not only could it put our futures at risk, but also those of younger generations."

Read the letter in full here.

The National Scrutiny Group, a BYC programme in which a group of young people work with the Government to ensure that young people's views and needs are taken into account in when developing policies that affect them, recently announced that they would also be putting Gove's comments on the agenda for their next meeting.