On Tuesday 5th February Members of Parliament voted in favour of the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill by 400 to 175, a majority of 225. The bill, which would allow same sex couples to get married, will now head to committee stage and the House of Lords. In September BYC members passed policy supporting equal marriage. The policy was moved forward by BYC members Wolverhampton Youth Council.

Josh Snape, BYC Trustee and one of the Equality Convenors said:

"'BYC is thrilled that one of the last legislative barriers facing LGBT people in the UK took a step closer to being broken down this week. It's a historic step in the fight for equality and with an overwhelming majority of MPs voting for equal marriage, we now urge the House of Lords to allow a new generation of young LGBT people in the UK to marry, and help us become one of only twelve countries in the world where people to have the option to marry who they want regardless of gender. A big well done goes out to all BYC members who have put time, effort and passion into lobbying their MPs for equal marriage for all. Let's keep the pressure up until the bill is finally passed."

See details of BYC's policy on equal marriage in our 2012-2014 Manifesto.