Today we've launched our new priority campaigns for the coming year, as chosen by young people from our membership over 230 youth organisations. They are: Ready to Work, Defending our Members Futures and Provide Safe and Affordable Public Transport.

These three priority campaigns are stated in our 2012-14 Manifesto, which outlines the beliefs and aspirations of the young people in our membership, and calls for change on real issues that affect young people in the UK.

Each campaign includes a number of calls for action, which BYC, and the young people in our networks, will be focusing on over the coming year. 'Ready to Work' calls for substantial, relevant work experience placements for all young people, a central work experience website, better interview feedback for young people and more investment in careers services including taster days.

'Defending Our Members Futures' calls for fair pay for young people, and sufficient funding for youth services. And 'Provide Safe and Affordable Public Transport' calls for one single under-26 travel concession card, public transport to be more accessible, better access to transport for young people in rural areas, and child fares up to the age of 18 for young people across the UK.

The Manifesto is a rolling document which will be continuously updated throughout the year. And we'll also be asking politicians standing for election to publish which key issues they support from the Manifesto, so that young people can take this into account when voting.

BYC will also continue our work to give 16 and 17 year olds the right to vote as part of the Votes at 16 Coalition. 

21-year-old BYC Chair Rosina St. James, said:

"The British Youth Council, and the young people within our networks, continues to grow stronger locally, nationally and internationally. We are making more of an impact and mobilising more young people than ever before to campaign for change in their communities and beyond.

"We are preparing for the next general election, and the local elections in between, by launching this two-year manifesto and encouraging more young people to register to vote. We want young people across the UK to use it to stimulate dialogue and debate on the issues that matter to them, as part of their campaigning toolkit to bring about change.

"We will also be producing a checklist for each party and candidates to tell us if they support key campaigns and policies. We will then publish this information so that young voters have the information they need to inform their vote."