Image: Youth Select Commitee Chair Dara Farrell with Transport Minister Norman Baker

The Youth Select Committee has today published its report on Transport and Young People, calling for the age at which young people start paying full fares to be consistently set at 18 for all transport operators across England and for the introduction of a national concessionary scheme to provide a discounted bus travel card for those younger.

Watch the Chair of the Youth Select Committee, Dara Farrell, introduce the report and its main findings:

The Committee found the cost of fares to be a 'key issue' for young people using public transport, with these costs often increased as a result of young people being asked to pay full 'adult' fares at different ages depending on where they live.

The report describes it as 'unacceptable' that young people might be excluded from education, training or their local communities as a result of high transport costs and recommends that there should be a single age at which young people should pay full adult fares and that this should be 18, when the compulsory requirement to be in education or training ends.

The report calls for the Government to show leadership by sending out a clear message to transport operators regarding the age which they should start charging adult fares. Ministers at the Department for Transport and Department for Education have been invited to give a formal response to the report and recommendations.

The Committee makes nine other recommendations in its report, including introducing a national concessionary scheme to provide discounted bus travel to young people, improving online passenger information, establishing structures to ensure that young people are involved and consulted in improving public transport, and undertaking a review of the current transport provision for young people living in rural areas.


About the Committee

The Youth Select Committee, launched in April 2012 by the British Youth Council with support from the House of Commons, is adapted from the UK Parliament Select Committee structure to give young people the opportunity to scrutinise and hold enquiries into topics of importance to them.

The Committee is made up of 11 young people aged 18 and under, and includes both elected and reserved seats to ensure a broad representation of interests from all parts of the UK.

About this inquiry

The Youth Select Committee's first inquiry took place in July 2012 and looked at Transport and Young People, as identified as a priority by members of the British Youth Council and UK Youth Parliament in 2011.

The terms of reference for this inquiry were: 'to inquire into issues and concerns around safe, affordable and accessible transport for young people and make recommendations to decision makers to address them'.