We have two types of membership: Full membership and associate membership.

Full membership is for youth organisations that are predominantly youth led and can vote at our Annual Council Meeting (ACM). Associate membership is for organisations with a link or an interest in young people and youth representation.

BYC Membership Fees 2015-16 

Associate Members

National Associate Members - £176
Local Associate Members - £54

Full Members

Local Youth Councils - £54
Youth Voice membership (English Local Authorities only) - £400 

Organisations with a total membership of young people of...
Under 100 - £54
Under 1000 - £135
Over 1000 - £216
Over 10,000 - £370
Over 20,000 - £457
Over 50,000 - £546
Over 100,000 - £649
Over 200,000 - £763
Over 300,000 - £863
Over 400,000 - £1,015

Full member benefits can be found here

If you want to upgrade your membership to Youth Voice thenclick hereto see the additional benefits!

How to Apply

To join all you need to do is complete the online Apply for Membership form. Our Board of Trustees who are all 25 and under approve membership applications on a monthly basis.

Once we have approved your application and received your membership fee, you can start to enjoy the benefits of being part of our diverse, active and engaged community of members.

For enquiries about BYC membership please call our Head of Programmes & Policy,  David Clark on 020 7332 2645 or email on david.clark@byc.org.uk

Alternatively you can use our contact us enquiry form.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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