The British Youth Council believes that as councils are asked to save more and more money, young people are increasingly feeling the brunt of these cuts. Thousands rely on services for young people. We are already called the lost generation and cuts to youth services will only make this worse. We believe youth services and agencies aid young people in their personal development and aim to ensure that young people form a functional part of society. Without them our only option is to hang around the streets. Young people need a platform to defend these services and explain to others their life-changing work which often goes unrecognised.

We believe that existing youth services should have funding priority over new initiatives to ensure that all young people's services are well funded and are beneficial.

In 2010 the Education Select Committee held an inquiry into the provision of services beyond the school/college day for young people, primarily those aged 13-25; the British Youth Council submitted evidence.

BYC is also part of Choose Youth, an unprecedented coalition of young people, volunteers, youth organisations, professional youth workers, and community representatives who are working to save youth services. We believe our youth service is too valuable for young people to lose.

What can you do?

Write to your MP and ask them to support the campaign. (Don't know your MP? Find out now

Start conversations online - Get your friends involved in discussions about BYC's campaigns, by posting articles, videos and links. Bring the debate to them! Make sure follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and you can spread the word to your followers too!

Write to your local press - You can make a big impact by getting in touch with your local press to tell them about why youth services are an issue for young people and what needs to be done about it, by writing a letter to the editor or sending a press release.

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