The BYC Manifesto

BYC empowers young people by giving a platform for their collective and individual views which are sought through consultation, surveys, views of elected representatives, members and their votes. The results are recorded in our Youth Manifesto.

At our September 2011 Annual Council Meeting members updated the Youth Manifesto and set four new priority campaigns.

Our priority campaigns

Votes at 16

We believe that 16 and 17 year olds should be given the vote in all public elections in the UK, because at 16 we are mature enough to engage in and contribute to democracy. BYC is a proud supporter of the Votes at 16 Coalition.

Provide Safe and Affordable Public Transport for Children and Young People

We believe that all young people across the UK should be able to access safe and affordable public transport. We believe that young people who can't access the public transport they need are being discriminated against.

End Poverty in our Communities for Children and Young People

We believe that children and young people should not have to live in poverty in the UK; it is appalling and needs to be stopped as soon as possible. Every young person should have a decent standard of living, independent of their economic status.

Save Our Youth Services

Youth services and agencies support young people's personal development, give them a meaningful role in society and provide positive ways for young people to spend their time. We campaign for all young people's services to be well funded and for existing youth services to have funding priority over new initiatives. We believe young people need youth services now more than ever.

Get involved

Join us to campaign on the issues that matter most to thousands of young people across the country. Together we will lobby the UK Parliament, the Scottish Parliament, the Welsh Assembly and the Northern Ireland Assembly to take action, and continue to press those whose decisions affect young people to listen to our concerns.

As someone who campaigns with BYC, you can talk to other young people and your local press, and get them to see how their support for young people on these issues can make a difference.

BYC Campaign Packsheet October2012

We hear a lot of talk about poverty, but what can we do about it? The International Day for the Eradication of Poverty (17th October) is a day to promote concrete activities focused on the eradication of poverty and renew your commitment to this cause. This document shows you how you can help.

BYC Campaigns Toolkit

If you want to get involved in campaigning with the BYC, be sure to check out our campaigns toolkit.


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