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Read more +16 May 2017 By Anna Rose Barker in Blogs

Our Parliament, Our Vision: Don’t leave us out!

The next few weeks are going to be full of general election talk. We’ll hear many politicians make promises, targeting the segments of the electorate that they think will turn out to vote, which isn’t young people. Back in 2015, it was famously said that a politician with a spare hour to canvas should choose
Read more +10 May 2017 By Hannah Stubbs in Blogs

We have the power to decide our future

With just over a month to go until the General Election, Girlguiding is calling on the media to stop commenting on the way politicians look. This call comes as part a charter which also asks the media to ensure young women’s voices are represented in political coverage, and that the diversity of young women’s voices
Read more +15 March 2017 By Joe Stockley in Blogs

Getting passionate – Votes at 16

There’s a real problem I see increasingly, the more I get involved with youth voice and charity work. The problem – Young people, on the whole, have been separated and isolated from politics and the importance it has over our lives. Now you’re probably thinking I blog a lot about big problems; well this would